10 NFL Players Who Shook Off The ‘Bust’ Label

The NFL is well-known for having a very short window in giving players time to develop and reach the expectations people have for them. It only took one week of the 2016 season for critics to label #1 overall pick Jared Goff as a ‘bust’. Though almost everyone thought he’d be making a difference right off the bat, that is still way too early to be labeling him as a failure.

At the same point in 2015, people were calling Melvin Gordon a ‘bust’. But he turned things around with a great start the following season and made a great case for having the negative label dropped. Some players just need a longer adjustment period in becoming NFL stars. Not everyone is able to reach elite status right from the get-go.

Nonetheless, we still hear analysts and fans quickly and unfairly labeling under-achieving players as a ‘bust’. Though some situations are justifiable, there are still many in which a majority of critics jumped the gun and wrote a player off way too early in his career. Those players eventually accomplished great things on their way to shedding the ‘bust’ label.

It’s not easy flipping first impressions, but these 10 players proved that it certainly can be done:



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