10 Players That Shouldn’t Have Made The NFL Hall of Fame – Troy Aikman


A starting quarterback that’s won multiple Super Bowls – three to be exact – seems like an easy lock for the Hall of Fame. That’s what Troy Aikman did. On top of that he got a whole lot of media attention and hype after being the #1 overall pick in the 1989 NFL draft by ‘America’s Team’, the Dallas Cowboys. But Aikman was never really the game-changer many confuse him for. Football is the ultimate team sport, and it’s never been as evident as it was with the Cowboys during Aikman’s tenure. Emmitt Smith was one of the greatest RBs of all time, while Michael Irvin can be regarded as one of the best to ever play his position.

And then there’s the all-so-important ‘career stats’. It’s where Aikman does not look elite whatsoever. In his five-year prime, Aikman’s record stood at 56-19. But the rest of his career stacks up a record of 38-52. His TD-to-INT ratio makes him look even worse at 165:141. All time passing yards? 34th. Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan barely turned 30 and they’ve already passed him in that category.