10 Players That Shouldn’t Have Made The NFL Hall of Fame – Joe Namath


When it comes to transcending from a professional athlete to a national celebrity, Joe Namath is a true legend. He did it with his attractive personality and manly charm. He was a very good player too, winning an two MVP awards, while being selected to 5 Pro Bowls. Unfortunately those accomplishments not only came in the AFL, it was also at a time where the league greatly lacked talent compared to the NFL. Namath did play a big role in making the AFL a legitimate league, which led to a merger with the NFL. Hi s legend was cemented when he guaranteed a win versus the Colts in Super Bowl III in which his Jets were a major underdog. His contributions in making the NFL what it is today is probably the reason voters got him into the Hall of Fame. But his stats just don;t justify his entry. A 50.1% completion percentage along with 220 INTs to 173 TDS are some of the worst stats for any Hall of Famer. To top it off, his 27,663 total passing yards don’t even rank him in the top 50 all-time.