10 Players That Shouldn’t Have Made The NFL Hall of Fame – Jan Stenerud


There are three placekickers enshrined into the Hall of Fame: Jan Stenerud, George Blanda and Lou Groza. Blanda also played quarterback, while Groza also played tackle. That leaves Stenerud as the only player in the HOF who was strictly a placekicker. Hailing from Norway, Stenerud played between 1967 and 1985 with three different teams : the Chiefs, Packers and Vikings. It could be argued that kickers shouldn’t even be considered for the Hall of Fame, but it’s also hard to argue that kicking plays a large role in the outcome of NFL games and seasons. But even if kicking gets regarded as a highly important aspect of the game, it still leaves the question of ‘Why is Jan Stenerud the only one that represents the position?’

He did receive seven All-Pro Team selections during his tenure in the NFL, but the guy was far from automatic. He only had 5 seasons in which he made over 75% of his kicks – only 3 seasons over 80%. In total, Stenerud made a little lower than 67% of his attempts, which puts him at #98 all-time. That one stat is enough to leave many people scratching their heads.