10 Players That Shouldn’t Have Made The NFL Hall of Fame – Art Monk


Art Monk was one of the greatest when it came to staying healthy and productive. But we don’t see those two as important factors in making it into the Hall of Fame. His NFL career was solid at best. Playing professional football for 16 seasons, especially at the wide receiver position is a great accomplishment, but he made the Pro Bowl only three times.

While some of his career rankings might suggest greatness – 11th in receptions, 14th in receiving, and 35th in touchdowns – we must take into account the number of games it took him to reach those positions – 224.

While we should give major props for the length of time he was able to produce, it just isn’t enough to designate him as a Hall of Famer.  A quick look at Monk’s career log will reveal only a single season in which he produced at an elite level. These are the very reasons why he spent seven years in a row being a finalist for the HOF, but didn’t quite make it. One big claim his supporters do have is his three Super Bowl appearances.