10 NFL Players Who Shook Off The ‘Bust’ Label – Mark Ingram


During his first three seasons in the NFL, Mark Ingram looked to be headed into the group of recent Alabama star running backs turned NFL busts (e.g. Glen Coffee and Trent Richardson). Ingram was selected in the opening round of the 2011 draft and was viewed by the Saints as the feature three-down back their offense was missing in years past. But for three years he had trouble proving capable of fulfilling that role. His top season was in 2012 where he ran for 602 yards, failing to reach anything close to the production that was expected of him.

But things took a turn for Ingram in the 2014 NFL season where he looked to have gained a brand new confidence and style. He became the NFL running back the Saints envisioned, accumulating 964 rushing yards and 9 touchdowns in just 13 games, along with a spot on the Pro Bowl roster.

Ingram has continued to produce ever since, though injuries have nagged him here and there. While he is viewed in some circles as an injury-prone player, he has certainly shed the disappointing ‘bust’ label.